Vikings: Is Eric Johnson married? Details


New buzz for the star Eric Johnson aka Erik the red in Vikings! Today, we reveal all about his sentimental life …

Zoom in on actor Eric Johnson! Is Vikings star aka Erik the Red married?

Eric Johnson stars in Vikings as a Nordic Explorer and stars as Erik the Red. Endowed with a crazy charm, fans of the series are curious and want to know more about him!

Unsurprisingly, here is the question that comes up the most on the web: “Is Eric Johnson married?” ”

In season six of Vikings, Erik the Red (played by Eric Johnson) expressed his love for the former queen of Kattegat Gunnhild. Remember, she was to marry King Harald but traveled to Valhalla to find her husband Bjorn Ironside.

After her suicide, she left Erik heartbroken and alone. But what about in real life?


Bad news for fans of the actor! Eric Johnson is unfortunately no longer a heart to take. Indeed, the Viking star is not single and has been married for over a decade …

In 2004, he declared his love for the beautiful Adria Budd and they were married the following year. Then in 2007, she gave birth to their daughter Calla Prairie Johnson.

A writer and producer in Canada, Adria met Eric on the Smallville set in 2001 where she worked as Annette O’Toole and personal assistant to John Glover. At the time, Johnson was playing in Smallville as a footballer and rival to Clark Kent Whitney Fordman.

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Since meeting, the couple have managed to keep their privacy out of the spotlight. So very little is known about their relationship!

But to the delight of fans, they have shared adorable images of themselves together on their Instagram accounts, including several mementos from their wedding day 16 years ago.

Adria Budd’s humorous Twitter biography reveals a strong relationship too! It reads: “Writer / Film & TV Producer, Nasty Woman, Mother, Lover of My Husband and his Misunderstood Villains of The Knick, Smallville and 50 Shades Darker etc.” ”


Although the Vikings series is his biggest hit, Canadian actor Eric Johnson, 41, has a busy career. Indeed, we also know him for having played Flash Gordon in the series of the same name.

Remember, he also got the role of Jack Hyde in the cult films Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. He also played, in 2004, as a footballer and rival to Clark Kent Whitney Fordman in Smallville.

But that’s not all ! He then played the role of Jake Finley in the movie Call Me Mrs Miracle. Not to mention his role as Luke Callahan in the crime drama Rookie Blue.

And you, in which role do you prefer him? Tell us everything in the comments!


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