Vikings: Is Bjorn a character exaggerated by the fans?


Throughout Vikings, fans were able to witness Bjorn’s evolution. But it could well be that they overestimated the character!

As the final season of Vikings has seen the light of day, some are wondering about Bjorn Ironside. During season 2, the latter received a prophecy. Unfortunately, the latter did not take place.

As a reminder, a seer had confided to Ragnar that Bjorn (Vikings) would exceed one day, without a father. And whoever saw it there was really no doubt. The man had all the abilities to get on top of him.

In contrast, Bjorn (Vikings) never fulfilled this prophecy. If he has ever fought alongside his father, he has received a lot without really deserving it. As a reminder, he inherited a fortune.

Bjorn also rose to the rank of chief and commander. On Reddit, several fans have raised a rant about his character. They say he didn’t do anything right in his life.

One netizen said, “I really don’t understand why he’s so excited. He really didn’t accomplish anything significant and only won against Ivar thanks to Freydis. He is loved only because he is the son of Ragnar “.

Another added: “As you say, he also accomplished very little. Although some say he was taller than Ragnar (Vikings). Every battle he won was due to a last minute deus ex machina. ”

Vikings: Bjorn an overrated character by fans of the series?


The netizen also continued of Ragnar’s son (Vikings): “whether it was Freydis betraying Ivar or the surprise of the Viking leaders who showed up this season”.

Bjorn (Vikings) inactivity isn’t the only thing fans criticize him for. One internet user swung on Reddit, “I just hate people who think they’re right even when they’re wrong.”

The Vikings fan also revealed, “Ivar had everything to kill Lagertha, but he acted like it was unreasonable or cruel. Head of meat, cheater ”.

Others have also shared their secrets about Ivar. One fan explained, “‘ Ivar is sort of so good at reading a battlefield. But he does not fight before the great pagan army (laughable) ‘”.

The Vikings fan also revealed, “But we’re supposed to buy his ‘redemption’ bow when he’s so shocked at Oleg’s brutality. But this is the same man who killed his brother. Burnt the family ”.

He continued, “And the girlfriend of his other brothers alive and terrorized his whole village. You make more excuses for this character while having the nerve to throw at everyone. ”

Another concluded: “In this series we always find a way to defend the questionable decisions of our favorite character”. One thing is for sure, Vikings fans have different opinions about Bjorn and Ivar.