Vikings: How old were Ragnar and his children on the show


How old were Ragnar and the other characters in the historical Vikings series? We give you more details. How old were Ragnar and the characters in the Vikings series?

In March 2013, viewers discovered for the very first time the characters of the famous series of Michael Hirst. Since then, fans have been able to follow the adventures of Ragnar and his gang.

After 6 seasons, the historic series has come to an end. Indeed the 6th season was unveiled in two parts on streaming platforms.

In fact, the first 5 seasons are already available on Netflix. The last one should arrive this summer! But we are sure that the biggest fans have already watched everything.

In fact, Vikings fans are now waiting for the release of the spin-off of their favorite show. Created by Michael Hirst, it is expected to pick up the story of the famous warriors a hundred years later.

The shooting of this new series entitled Vikings Valhalla is already completed! Thus, this new production will be available on the Netflix streaming platform during the year 2021.

So we can’t wait to discover the story of the descendants of our favorite characters. In the meantime, the biggest fans will remember the greatest moments of their favorite show.

Besides, some have been interested in the ages of Ragnar, Bjorn, Lagertha and others. We must also admit that it was not an easy task. Indeed the jumps in time make it very difficult to follow the chronological series. We tell you more.


So a fan of the Vikings series took up the subject. On the Reddit forum, he shared the results of his calculations.

So, according to his forum post, Ragnar must have been around 31 years old in the show’s first season. According to him, the warrior would have died at the age of 54 in Season 4!

Bjorn for his part was still very young at the start of the series. In fact he was only 12 years old at the start of the first season. By the end of Season 6 he would have 40.

Lagertha was 28 at the start of Season 1. She will die at the age of 55 in Vikings Season 6.

Ubbe, Ragnar’s son appears in season 2 of the historical series. He was then discovered at the age of 4. At the end of the series he has 29.

As for Ivar, fans of the historic series were able to witness his birth at the end of the second season. At the end of season 6, the young man would therefore be 24 years old.

Even if these are only estimates, it still gives an idea of ​​how much time has elapsed between the first and the last episode of the series. So we can’t wait to see if the new spin-off will follow the same pattern.


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