Vikings: the first 5 seasons soon available on Netflix!


In a few days, fans of Vikings will be able to see season 6. This season will end the story of Lagertha and his sons. Nevertheless, Netflix promises to soon put online the first five seasons.

It is the end of the year and Netflix is ​​already preparing its program for the year 2020. It will be interesting because the channel promises to release very good series. Indeed, in a few months, subscribers will be able to see Lagertha, Ragnar or Floki again. The Vikings will arrive on the channel and she plans to put online the first five seasons.

To date, only the five Vikings seasons have been released in the United States. Thus, in these first seasons, the fans will be able to see again Ragnar, a young viking warrior and explorer of the VIII century. Ragnar wants to go to new lands and he asks for the help of his friend Floki, to build powerful ships. Meanwhile, Ragnar meets Lagertha, destined to become the queen of Kattegat. Together, they have a child: Bjorn.

Netflix announced on Facebook that the Vikings seasons will arrive on February 1, 2020 on the channel. Thus, we will have to wait a little longer before finding the heroes. However, we suspect that the series should be very successful. For their part, fans look forward to the arrival of season 6. It will arrive on December 6 on Canal + Séries and it promises a great end.

Indeed, in the final season of Vikings, fans will find Lagertha and she intends to face her enemies. Ivar has declared war on him in the past season and the conflicts are far from over. Nevertheless, Lagertha could well have a sad end. The Devin had announced that she was going to be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. So, will Ivar really succeed in killing the queen of Kattegat? There is only to wait a few days to find out!


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