Vikings: Do Ragnar and Lagertha have the right to divide?


Can we expect a spin-off with Ragnar and Lagertha? In any case, this is what fans of the huge hit series “Vikings” are hoping for.

Completed at the end of 2020, the very famous Vikings series still continues to be talked about. Fans of Ragnar and Lagertha hope to see a spin-off dedicated to the two heroes.

It was in 2013 that the crazy adventure began. To the delight of history fans, the Vikings series is here. Very quickly, she then puts everyone in agreement.

It must be said that it sends very heavy! The public hangs directly on the universe, but above all, on the various characters, each more striking and endearing than the next.

In the latter, we therefore follow the journeys of a Viking warrior game. Radgnar Lodbrok is an incredible fighter with extraordinary abilities.

It’s not the only thing that defines him… Indeed, he also has dreams and plans in his head. He wants to travel the world and conquer it. Just that !

Along with his wife, Lagertha, he seizes the throne and then puts his plans into action. The couple quickly emerged as one of the most beloved in series history.

There are many Vikings fans who mourn their death. They only want one thing: to see them again on the screen as soon as possible.

And it could very well happen …

Vikings: will Ragnar and Lagertha have the right to their spin-off?


At the start of the hugely successful Vikings series, Ragnar and Lagertha are newlyweds. They raise their children on the farm where they work hard every day.

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Very quickly, the hero then gained popularity and notoriety until he became the king of Kattegat. High class ! It must be said that he did everything to achieve this coveted status.

But to the chagrin of those who only see through him, he ends up dying. In Season 4, King Aelle throws him into a snake pit.

In the following season, it is Largertha who in turn loses her life, killed by Hvitserk in a moment of insanity. The latter took her for an evil snake!

Not long ago, fans of the series took to Reddit to take stock of the situation. Despite a recently completed story, they demand the return of the two heroes!

“I need to know what Ragnar was doing in that ten-year period,” said one of them. “They could develop Ragnar’s 10 years. But the spin-off will take place 100 years later, as we said, ”then adds another.

One thing is certain then, the hugely successful Vikings series has not finished making the talk.


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