Vikings: Creator wanted to seduce the female audience!


Michael Hirst imagined Vikings in his own way! The goal ? Feature prominent female characters like Lagertha!

New buzz on the web! Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst explains how he defied the expectations of the History Channel by targeting a female audience!

In a recent interview, Michael Hirst explained how the History Channel expected the series to appeal to “male audiences,” but he wanted female leads to be just as important as male …

Fans of the hit drama will know how much the series depends on the creative vision of Michael Hirst! He came up with the whole premise of the series and wrote the scripts.

But that’s not all ! He also acted as a showrunner during the 6 seasons of the show!

However, when he first launched the series on Vikings, the History channel had something else in mind… Indeed, when Vikings started in 2013, the History channel was best known for targeting a young male audience…

And for good reason… Series like Pawn Stars and Swamp People were the channel’s cult shows!

Hearing that the channel was going to debut a new Viking drama, many fans speculated it would be a sweaty and very messy fight festival! Without surprise !

But instead, they got a series that dealt with politics and featured female characters in the foreground! It goes without saying that this left a lot of people in shock!


It’s always been part of Hirst’s plan! In a recent interview, he explained how women, Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) in particular, were always meant to be at the heart of the series!

“I was hoping she would be popular! »He declared. “History Channel is a channel watched by men. And I think the History Channel at first chose the Vikings series because they thought it would appeal to that target. ” he explains as well.

“Well, you know, of course it’s going to be a series full of battles and fights and so on. But I always thought it was going to concern Lagertha as much as Ragnar. »Admitted the creator of Vikings.

Many fans, especially women, were drawn to the series as a result because of the many female heroes present. Besides Lagertha, Judith, Torvi or even Gisla, Gunnhild and Aslaug were among the favorites of the fans. Without surprise !

In fact, actress Winnick herself loved Michael Hirst’s writing! And you what do you think ?


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