Vikings: creator explains why the series ended in season 6


The Vikings series came to an end with its exciting 6th season and many fans have yet to settle, claiming that the series could have even more episodes and bows. However, the decision to close is defended by Michael Hirst, who is the creator of the series.

The program, which started on the History Channel, has become so popular that it is a hit on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Michael Hirst’s statement on the ending of Vikings

The brilliant mind behind Vikings said, in an interview with the Collider website, that from the beginning he knew the moment when the show would end. According to Hirst, his plan was always for the series to end the moment the Nordic warriors arrived in America.

The creator also commented that mornings, afternoons and evenings writing, thinking and planning were already beginning to demand a conclusion. He also states that he prefers to finish the show while it makes sense and manages to bring a closing loop that is satisfactory to him and the audience.

Hirst said that the last 10 episodes were the most difficult and most exciting to write and plan. That’s because, in addition to trying to achieve a good result for the fans, he needed a lot of emotional strength to be able to kill some of the series’ most beloved characters and finish a story that accompanied him for years.

Thus, the 6th season had a complete ending and with the high level of quality that the Vikings series deserves.

Future for the public

Despite the end, fans of the series can rest assured that a spin-off of this Nordic world, dubbed Vikings: Vahalla, is being prepared by Netflix and should be 100 years after the events of the original series.

Here in Brazil, the latest Vikings episodes are now available on Netflix.


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