Vikings: Bjorn has always been close to Lagertha!


Many questions plague Vikings fans about the character of Bjorn! But did you know why he chose Lagertha in Ragnar?

Fan of Vikings? Zoom in on the first moment Bjorn chooses his mother, Lagertha, over his father, Ragnar Lothbrok!

In the cult Vikings series, Bjorn chooses his mother Lagertha over his father, Bjorn on one occasion! Shocking moment for the fans, we come back to this really sad situation in the history of the show!

In Vikings season 1, Ragnar is the Earl of Kattegat when his wife, Lagertha, miscarries. He then begins to wonder who will give him the many sons that were promised to him by the seer …

While traveling, he meets Princess Aslaug of Götaland. He gets her pregnant after sleeping with her …

Lagertha therefore learns from Bjorn that her husband slept with this other woman! Yet she has no idea Aslaug is pregnant!

Bjorn is extremely loyal to his father! So the fact that he talks to his mother about this situation says a lot about how he feels about it… He doesn’t want his father to cheat on his mother, and it’s a very, very difficult situation for him!

Months later, Aslaug arrives in Kattegat pregnant… Ragnar mentions being married to the two women…

Aslaug accepts, but Lagertha decides to pack her bags to start a new life elsewhere! That’s when Bjorn has to decide who he’s going to live with …


So Bjorn has the option of staying with his father or going with his mother! At first, he chooses his father… Unsurprisingly, he idolizes Ragnar!

In season 2, episode 1 of Vikings, his mother, Lagertha leaves without him after a heartbreaking farewell. But he catches up with his mother on the way: “I’ve changed my mind. I am coming with you. He said then.

Bjorn chooses his mother over his father in a moment of tears … It’s a sad turn of events that happens because Ragnar cheated on his wife, and it’s not fair to his wife or son.

Bjorn will therefore grow up for the next few years without his father. Ragnar bids farewell to his son, becoming emotional. He kisses him on the head and looks at him, saying, “Take care of your mother. ”

Lagertha makes room for her on the wagon, and she tells the driver to “continue”. Bjorn and his mother watch Ragnar as they leave, and Lagertha finally turns to look away.

Four years will pass before they all meet again in Vikings. During this time, Ragnar married Aslaug and they had four children: Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar.

Conclusion … If Ragnar hadn’t cheated on his wife, Bjorn wouldn’t have had to choose between his father and mother!


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