Vikings: are the characters’ deaths true to the real story?


Vikings: How does the death of each main character in the series compare to the real-life Nordic kings? The Vikings saw most of its main characters die, but how does their death on the show compare to that of their real-life counterparts?

After six seasons of battles and betrayals, the Vikings series has come to an end! But unfortunately for fans, not all of the great characters made it to the last episode.

Indeed, the drama history has seen its death toll on the rise over the wars! Some died in action, earning their place in Valhalla, while others were captured, tortured and killed.

Others have died under unexpected circumstances. Knowing that there aren’t many historical records on all Vikings, the writers had to take some creative liberties.

Indeed, most of the time, their deaths did not correspond to reality. So here’s how the death of the Vikings characters compares to real life:


Let’s start with Lagertha, mother of Bjorn and Gyda, and the first wife of Ragnar. Modern historians say it may reflect stories about Viking women warriors or the Norse deity Thorgerd.

But that’s not all ! She could also be a representation of the valkyries, female figures. As it is not clear whether Lagertha was a real person or not, there is no account of how the real one might have died.

Bjorn Ironside was the son of Ragnar and Lagertha. His character is therefore based on a real Viking leader. The real Bjorn was a legendary Swedish king and the first ruler of the Munsö dynasty.

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Died in Season 6 after being stabbed by Ivar, there are no records of how he died in real life. One thus supposes a death of old age or disease.

As for Floki, Ragnar’s best friend, he too is based on the real one: Hrafna Flóki Vilgerðarson. He is the first Norseman to sail in Iceland.

In Vikings, Floki is not dead! It is believed that the real one returned to Norway, then to Iceland where he lived until his death … The Floki in the series could therefore have had a similar fate.


Although he was the leader of the Vikings in his early seasons, he may not have been a real person. Indeed, there are no historical documents that can confirm its existence.

It is therefore believed that the figure of Ragnar is based on three different men: the Viking leader Reginherus, King Horik I of Denmark, and King Regindfried. Just that !

In the series, Ragnar died in the Season 4 episode “All His Angels”. Tortured, he was thrown into a pit of snakes but if one takes into account that he could be a combination of historical figures, then the “real” Ragnar could have died: assassinated (Reginherus), killed in action (Horik ) or during an attempted invasion (Reginfrid).


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