Vikings: all you need to know about Floki’s comeback!


Vikings fans can finally discover season 6. Floki has made his comeback and we explain everything about his appearances.

Season 6 of Vikings has finally arrived in the United States. Fans wasted no time in seeing the latest episodes and had a nice surprise with Floki’s return. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

It took a long time to see season 6 of Vikings. Fans got to see the first part of the final season several months ago. There was no shortage of action, and the audience had to contend with the deaths of several key figures.

Indeed, Lagertha was killed by one of Ragnar’s sons and the prophecy was therefore fulfilled. Nevertheless, the fans were all very sad by the disappearance of this character. Not to mention that Bjorn had been left for dead after a battle with Ivar.

Then the fans especially hadn’t heard from Floki. Ragnar’s best friend was also left for dead at the foot of a volcano in Iceland in Season 5. No one would have thought that Gustaf Skarsgård’s character was actually still alive.

However, Vikings fans had to be patient to finally see this flagship character again. Indeed, it was Ubbe and Torvi who finally faced the character in an unusual place.


In the sequel to Vikings, Ubbe and Torvi wanted to discover new lands. After a perilous journey, they discovered Goldenland, which is North America. They met a people and managed to integrate well.

Thus, the two characters were able to put aside all the conflicts and seemed happy on this new earth. Nevertheless, the people ended up leading Ubbe and Torvi to… Floki! A nice surprise for fans who were no longer waiting for the character’s return.

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“I knew I couldn’t leave him abandoned and forgotten at the foot of a volcano,” Michael Hirst told ET. The public therefore faced an aged Floki and weary of the many conflicts of the Vikings. Nonetheless, it was a much more peaceful Floki that the fans got to see again.

“This was not how Floki was going to quit the show or leave life, actually, because he was the spirit of life,” said the showrunner. Finally, the return of this character was above all symbolic for the series. Indeed, Floki represents the last character still alive of the first generation of Vikings.


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