Vikings: Alexander Ludwig reveals his talent to his fans!


Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig reveals his hidden talents on the internet! We give you more details. Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig reveals his hidden talent to his fans!

We no longer present him to you. Alexander Ludwig is the interpreter of Bjorn in the historical series Vikings.

You should know that the handsome blonde recently married his sweetheart Lauren Dear. Indeed, the two lovers sealed their union in the greatest secrecy.

In fact, before Vikings, the actor had also appeared in the Hunger Games saga. Indeed the young man had caused a sensation in the role of Cato Hadley!

But besides being an outstanding actor, the young man has other hidden talents! Indeed, Alexander Ludwig seems to have several strings to his bow. As revealed in a video posted on YouTube! We tell you everything.


Eh yes ! The Vikings actor is also a singer in his spare time. The young man has even already unveiled his very first track on YouTube! You can find out at the end of this article.

For example, the Vikings actor released his single, Let me be your whiskey. Alexander Ludwig did indeed get into country music! Astonishing, but very true!

Last February, the young actor had therefore shared this first song on his YouTube channel. Her music video has been viewed some 145,000 times.

In fact, it also collected over 6,000 likes! Alexander Ludwig was therefore able to count on the support of his fans who thus discovered his new vocation.

“I always felt I could write a song that stays on my mind, but when I got to Nashville I realized I still had a lot to learn,” he explains. He will also specify that music is a real passion for him!

“It’s a passion for me, and no matter what happens, it doesn’t matter because I love music,” the young man concluded. Discover his music without further delay!


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