Why Vikings Abandoned Greenland


One of the most interesting civilizations in history is the Vikings who prefer to live in northern latitudes. One of the things that kept the mystery of this race for a long time was why they left Greenland, but the latest research may have found the answer.

Yarrow Axford, a climate scientist at the Earth and Planetary Science Department at Northwestern University, focuses on the fluctuations in the Arctic and alpine mountains. In his research published last year, Axford worked on this long-awaited topic.

The 45-year-old associate professor focused on the disappearance of the Vikings, who have lived in the northern latitudes of the world, in 1450 from Greenland at a time. Chicago Business conducted an interview with Axford about his research.

Why did the Vikings leave Greenland?
For this research, Axford said that they were working in a mud lake near one of the old settlements in the region, and when I returned to the Vikings, it was relatively warm. He added that temperatures began to decline as settlements in the region began to collapse.

Given the fact that the Vikings left Greenland, the climate seems to be the reason, but according to Yarrow Axford, that’s just one of the reasons. Researcher, life in the region may have started to be difficult for other reasons, he added. Axford, as an example of this issue in Europe, the diseases and social changes in trade may have interrupted, he said.

Another interesting information about this ancient Nordic race is that the Vikings had reached the new continent before the new American continent before Cristof Columbus. What is known about the beliefs of the Vikings is that they worshiped the classical German gods, but unlike other German mythologies, there are figures like the Vikings and Loki.


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