Vigor: Bohemia’s online shooter moves to F2P on Switch


The free-to-play video game from the creators of Arma leaves the status of early access on the Nintendo platform and confirms versions for Sony consoles.

Vigor, the free to play video game from Bohemia Interactive, creators of Arma, announces that it will soon abandon its paid early access status on Nintendo Switch and confirm versions for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, all after losing the temporary exclusive status for Xbox One since the summer of 2019. Thus, after arriving at the eShop this July, the F2P shooter will be available on PS4 on November 25, 2020, also announcing a version for PS5 when the console is available later this year. year; Will it share a release date with PS4?

Free version for Switch on September 23

Thus, Vigor on Nintendo Switch will also become free to play on September 23, all after leaving its early access status available since last July and for which to receive the founders pack for 19.99 euros. Vigor is an online survival shooter in which we can play alone or with other players in team battles, up to a total of 12 users; In addition, it offers cooperative game modes for up to 5 players.

“Survive the apocalypse. Vigor is a free looter shooter set in post-war Norway ”, we can read in its description, a title that is set in a devastated Norway after a nuclear war and in which the survivors must fight to stay alive while collecting resources of all kinds with which to build shelters and pieces of equipment, all while trying to eliminate the rest of the combatants or cooperating to get out of such a challenging situation.

This is how Bohemia Interactive has presented it in the framework of Gamescom 2020 in digital format and from which we were able to learn about its main novelties at the past Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, an event led by Geoff Keighley.


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