Viggo Mortensen has no regrets for refusing Wolverine role


Hugh Jackman became known in Hollywood after living Wolverine in theaters in X-Men: the film, from 2000. However, the actor was not the first option for the role and one of the names considered before was Viggo Mortensen, who ended up refusing for not wanting to get involved in a very long franchise.

During a conversation on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the actor was asked if he regretted leaving the role to Jackman.

“No,” said Mortensen. “I think he did very well. I can’t imagine doing better than Hugh did anyway, so … I think what bothered me at the time was the commitment to endless films from the same character repeatedly. I was nervous about it. ”

The actor also revealed that he had an important advisor to help him better understand the character at the time: his son.
“I took [my son] Henry to the meeting I had with Bryan Singer. It was in Los Angeles, and he had the models, figures and things ready for what he was going to do. I asked, ‘Can I take my son? He’s ten, knows a lot about it and this is his favorite comic book character at the moment, Wolverine, he knows everything. So, I would love to bring you, as a kind of amulet and good luck guide. ‘ Because I let Henry read [the script] and he said, ‘This is wrong. This is wrong. It’s not like this’. And then we went and I said, ‘Be polite’. And they presented the project to me and showed me all the drawings – it was a very pleasant conversation ”.

Even though he didn’t know it at the time, Mortensen ended up avoiding a character who accompanied Hugh Jackman for ten films in almost two decades. Despite this, the actor ended up accepting to participate in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which lasted for five years between pre-production and debut in cinemas.


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