Viewing bots on NIMO TV are prohibited; understand how they work


Nimo TV is a game streaming platform available for download on Android and iPhone phones (iOS), and also accessible in a web version. Currently, game lives like Free Fire, League of Legends (LoL), PUBG Mobile and GTA 5 are the most popular. Nimo TV’s streamers are paid according to actual days, monthly hours, number of followers and, mainly, number of views of the lives. As some partners are not very popular and viewers, they use views bots as a solution to make money more easily. But the practice is prohibited. Next, understand Nimo TV’s rules on the use of bots.

What are bots and the most common types
One of the main metrics used for remuneration of streamers on Nimo TV is the Average Concurrent Users (ACU). It is the unit of measurement that defines the average number of people who watched a live. Nimo TV view bots are the most common types on the Internet. When activated, these prohibited tools considerably increase the number of simultaneous viewers in lives on the platform. Nimo TV bots can be purchased on the Internet from over-the-counter websites and stores of dubious origins.

Risks and punishments
The use of illegal tools to inflate the number of simultaneous users in lives is totally scolded by Nimo TV. The platform has systems that detect the use of these malicious tools. According to the rules, if any partner is detected in violation of the regulations, and may suffer a series of punishments, as warned, receive a temporary access block and even be permanently banned from the platform, if the cheating is proven.

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Users who suspect that a member of the community is using view bots on Nimo TV can submit a complaint to the platform. In the “Contact” section, it is possible to check the contact email address for each region where the platform operates. In Brazil, complaints can be sent to: [email protected]


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