Viewers Express Disappointment That They Have to Wait For The Continuation of “The Glory”


“The Glory” with the participation of Song Hye Kyo enjoys rapid popularity not only in South Korea, but also in many other countries!

Indeed, “The Glory” took third place in the global weekly rating of non-English-language series on Netflix.

The drama is about a woman who is severely bullied and harassed in high school and seeks revenge on her bullies after graduation.

The actors’ acting, in-demand dialogues and the plot completely captured the audience, who often admitted that they watched the first 8 episodes (part 1) of the drama in one breath.

Because yes, this drama was released in two separate parts on the Netflix platform. The first part was released on January 1, and the second part, also consisting of 8 episodes, is scheduled for March next year.

Netflix has ordered the release of all episodes of the drama at once instead of the traditional Korean way of releasing two episodes a week. But this time Netflix decided to broadcast this drama in several parts so that subscribers would not unsubscribe.

It just so happened that viewers who are passionate about the drama are now waiting for its continuation, which is even more difficult after the unbearable tension at the end of the 8th series.

In online communities, viewers become impatient, and sometimes even angry that they have to wait until March to continue. Among the messages we can read:

  • “I watched the first part all night, but it seems to me that I only watched the trailer, so I’m angry”
  • “I took my breath away from waiting”
  • “Do they really need to do this in two parts? ”
    The drama is good, but waiting for the second part in March means that I have to watch the last episodes to remember, it’s a waste of time…”
  • “I watched all 8 episodes in 3 days. Now wait 2 months for part 2. A little long, but what can you do? LOL. »
  • “I mean, I’d rather wait two months than a year or two…”
  • “That’s why I don’t like to watch dramas that haven’t been fully released. “

Are you waiting for the sequel?


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