Videoconferencing: eight tools for making free online meetings


With features like screen sharing and collaborative document editing, platforms make life easier for employees in the home office during quarantine.

Video conferencing is a simple task when you can count on the help of free online tools. Platforms like Zoom Meetings, Skype and Microsoft Teams allow you to set up remote meetings in a few clicks and make life easier for those who need to do home office, especially during the coronavirus quarantine.

In addition to video calls, services often offer features such as screen sharing, chat and collaborative document editing. Next, check out eight tools for making free online meetings that you can use to work from home during isolation.

1. Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing tool aimed at corporate environments that supports meetings with up to 500 participants and webinars with an audience of 10,000 people. The operation of the service is simple: the meeting administrator creates a room and sends an invitation via email or link to the participants, who do not need to have an account on the website. Just access the URL and enter a name to enter.

Among the features offered by Zoom Meetings are real-time chat, file transfer, microphone control, whiteboard, screen sharing and recording of meetings in the cloud. It is important to note that, in the free mode, group meetings have a maximum duration of 40 minutes and are limited to 100 participants. There are no restrictions on online dating between just two people.

2. Skype
Skype, the famous audio and video calling service, is also available in the browser version. With an interface similar to that of the PC program, the online messenger allows you to create free video calls with up to 50 guests. You do not need to be registered with the service to participate in a meeting, which can be accessed through a link.

Skype for Business is recommended for startups and companies, a version of the messenger aimed at corporate environments and with exclusive functions. It is possible to create meetings with up to 250 users, participate in real-time chats and share documents, which can be edited during the presentation thanks to the integration with the Office 365 Enterprise suite. Another highlight of the corporate version is the possibility to schedule meetings directly in the Outlook calendar.

3. ezTalks
EzTalks ( is a platform designed for corporate video conferences and webinars. In the free mode, it is possible to gather up to 100 participants in meetings with a maximum duration of 45 minutes. With support for private and collective chats, screen sharing, annotations and polls in real time, the service requires the download of software. Although it is possible to schedule and manage meetings in the browser, the program is indispensable for holding videoconferences.

4. Google Hangouts
Integrated with Gmail, Google Hangouts is completely free and allows you to create video conferences with up to 10 people in a few clicks. To do this, simply go to, click on “Video call” and invite participants by email or link. Google’s chat tool allows you to share your computer screen and chat with other members of the meeting in real time.

5. Microsoft Teams
Teams is another Microsoft alternative for business communication. Previously restricted to Office 365 subscribers, the online collaboration tool offers a free plan that allows you to create video conferences with up to 300 people, in addition to saving 10 GB of files per team and an additional 2 GB per user.

Teams’ features also include screen sharing and collaborative editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents. It is also possible to connect external applications, such as Trello and Evernote.

6. ( is a platform that allows you to make videoconferences right in the browser. Its operation is simple: after registering, the user defines a personal link that will become his permanent meeting room and sends the URL to other co-workers. Participants need only click on the address, enter a name and wait for the administrator’s approval.


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