Video YouTuber Called Kobe Bryant on the Phone


A YouTuber released a video where NBA legend Kobe Bryant made a fake phone call with Kobe hours after he died in a helicopter crash. The video YouTuber shared to gain audiences has garnered great reactions on social media.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who lost his life with his 13-year-old daughter and 7 people in a helicopter crash in California, made his fans sad. Hours after the accident of the famous basketball player, a video shared by YouTuber gathered reaction from the audience.

While fans of Kobe Bryant couldn’t shock the death of the famous basketball player, a YouTuber named Jolto tried to turn Bryant’s death into an opportunity. Jolto, who wrote that he had a phone conversation with Bryant and that the famous basketball player was not dead, first wishes condolences to Bryant’s family and explains that he will call Bryant’s number found on the dark web. He then urges viewers to watch the video and leave comments.

Jolto says he has been calling Kobe’s number for hours and finally managed to find it. He shares screenshots that he messaging with Bryant. In the fake messages, it appears that Bryant wrote that he wanted to get away from the media and was looking for a way out. YouTuber then makes the so-called gesture, making a so-called telephone conversation with the basketball player.

The video of the young YouTuber was reacted on social media, and Jolto closed the YouTube channel. Twitter users critically criticized YouTuber with precision.

“This guy named jolto on YouTube made a phone call with Kobe at 3 o’clock. Obviously the video is fake. Annoyingly disrespectful to a legend.”

“Those who use someone’s death to gain views and followers on YouTube are not only pathetic people, but also those who deserve the wrath of the internet. IamJayStation, Jolto and I’mJack are despicable people. No shame.”

The fake video that Jolto announced calling Kobe Bryant:


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