Video Suzy Cortez dressed as Sadomasochist turns on all Instagram


The Brazilian model Suzy Cortez returns to take over Instagram because she shared a video where she appears dressed in a sadomasochism-style outfit.

Suzy is characterized by being extremely hot as he continuously shares photographs or videos where his muscular figure looks.

On this occasion he shared a video where he wears several outfits related to this style of behavior.

Sadomasochism is characterized by feeling erotic pleasure through physical or psychological suffering that is inflicted on or received from another person.

Perhaps you can remember the saga of films “50 Shades of Gray” where Christian Gray’s preferences on how to enjoy his privacy went hand in hand with some “extreme” toys like whips, leather suits and others.

The costumes used for this not so common practice are characterized by being made up of a lot of leather, strips, masks and are usually used in black or red tones.

In the video that Suzy the “Miss Bumbum 2019” shared appears wearing several costumes, one followed by the other but despite being different they are equally hot and provocative.

Cortez keeps his followers glued to either his mobile or his computer to admire the perfect anatomy of the Brazilian model, because from any perspective he sees she always looks extremely beautiful.

Suzy has an exclusive collection that she has on her private page, she knows that they are very special, so it is highly recommended to register, because in it we will find some images where she shows a bit more.

It should be remembered that Suzy Cortez visited Mexico to participate in Miss BumBum 2019 and was crowned as the winner in the first edition outside of Brazil. The contest presented sixteen candidates from different parts of the world however Suzy was the one who took the title.


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