Video shows Shawn Mendes desolate in the stands of Allianz Park before the announcement of the cancellation of the show


It was turbulent everything that involved the cancellation of Shawn Mendes’ second show at Allianz Parque, in Sao Paulo, on Saturday (30/11). The singer announced that he would not go on stage, on medical recommendation, hours before the scheduled show.

A behind-the-scenes video shows the Canadian sitting in the bleachers, desolate, fiddling with his cell phone – perhaps writing the text he posted on Instagram. A professional cameraman was on his tail recording everything. It is believed that the material will be used in a documentary.

Shawn Mendes claimed sinusitis and laryngitis for not doing the show because it has swollen vocal cords. He apologized and promised to retract his next coming to South America.

With pity, many fans went to the door of the hotel where he is staying in Sao Paulo pay tribute. The crowd of followers sang loud and clear, with the flashlights of their cell phones raised, the song “Never Be Alone.” Shawn listened, went to the balcony, turned on his own flashlight, shot a video, and posted on Instagram stories: “I love you,” he told fans. Look:


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