Video shows Irina Baeva’s bad experience in New York


Actor Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend, Irina Baeva, had an unpleasant experience on her recent arrival in New York after having a confrontation

Video muestra la mala experiencia en Nueva York de Irina Baeva(Instagram)

Actress Irina Baeva announced in recent days that she would move to New York for just over a month to develop professionally, however, her arrival was not one of the most pleasant after a somewhat unpleasant encounter.

The actress of the melodrama “The Dragon” revealed her bad experience when confronting a paparazzi while exercising in Central Park.

Apparently, Irina Baeva would have decided to move to New York City with all the illusion and this has not had the beginning that she could have expected since the siege of the photographers was not only in Mexico.

This has not been very much to the liking of the Russian actress since it is something that constantly lives in Mexico and this time I do not hesitate to face a reporter who was chasing her while she performed her exercise routines in the famous Central Park.

Through some videos that were circulated, it was possible to hear that Irina, also an actress of the telenovela “Soltero con hijas”, was dealing with the situation in a very annoyed tone while facing the reporter who said she belonged to the team of the “Suelta Soup”.

At one point, the histrionic asked the reporter to stop following her after he also questioned her about her relationship with Gabriel Soto.

At one point the actress also pointed out for the cameras:

Here is a reporter from Telemundo y Suelta la Sopa who just won’t stop asking and chasing me here in Central Park, thanks to the fact that I published in my stories that I’m here exercising … The man just doesn’t want to leave me alone, he says the actress in her video.

The histrionic hinted that at one point she would have decided to share a moment only with her fans but now a reporter would not leave her alone.

What courage that I can not be calm exercising and have a reporter following me throughout Central Park … it is not good, “explained the actress.

After going through a bad time, the actress returned to her social networks and made an analysis of what happened, sharing with her fans that it was a bad decision to have revealed her location and even some of her plans for the night since she had previously revealed that I would receive a very special visit.

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Irina Baeva condemned the reporter's harassment

A big mistake on my part, with this desire I have to share how happy and content I am here in New York, and the things that I am doing, definitely a big mistake to share it in real time for security reasons, for this matter kind of paparazzi. But hey, I already learned it, I won’t do it again because I really want to share things with you ”,

Now the histrionic Irina Baeva promised that she will refrain from sharing some of her moments and activities in New York no matter how much she wants to do it, she pointed out since it was a bad experience that she does not want to repeat.

At this point, she also pointed out, she was forced to call the police due to the insistence of the reporter, more so that before this measure she decided to withdraw offering an apology to the artist and reiterating that what she was doing was only part of her job.

While we were waiting for the police, he apologized, told me that it was not his intention he was not bothering me after 30 minutes of bothering me, that his intention was not to make me feel bad and he withdrew making a call to his production, the actress explained. .

After a few moments, the spirits of the situation normalized and the famous woman reached a reflection which she also shared with her loyal followers.

Two things: Irina, never publish stories in real time, and two, public people are also human beings, let us not forget, “he concluded.

It should be remembered that in recent days Baeva’s trip to New York City sparked a lot of controversy and rumors among those who pointed out a separation from actor Gabriel Soto, however the Mexican actor himself pointed out in an interview that his girlfriend would only be away for a month from Mexico and supported his intention to seek to improve professionally.

However, comments that the distance between the two could affect the relationship.


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