Video showing Google Stadia’s Delay at High Internet Speed


Google’s new game streaming service Stadia, excited gamers seriously. However, tests, Google Stadia very serious delay problems reveal.

The US-based technology giant Google has recently undersigned a historic project that will rewrite the rules of the gaming industry and launched its new service, “Google Stadia”. This service allows gamers to play games directly without the need for a gaming computer or game console. In this context, games are reflected on consumers’ screens via Google servers.

Of course, this service came with many questions. Because the basis of Google Stadia’nın internet speed depends. So to use this service efficiently, you need to have a very strong internet infrastructure and very low latency. Although Google claims that this is not the case, Google Stadia seems unlikely to be used for low-quality internet connections.

A video about Google’s new service reveals that you can’t use it efficiently even if you have a very strong internet connection. Because the video, Google Stadia experiencing an excessive delay can be clearly seen. It may come to mind that the internet speed is low, but the test is done at this speed;

747 Mbps and 2 ms ping sale value as you can see from the screenshot taken from video. Soon we make inferences from the video that we share with you, even for free on Google’s Stadia Turkey will not be used whether they serve. Because even with such high internet connection values, Google Stadia is experiencing a delay of more than 1 second.

Delays in games are acceptable to some extent. However, the delay Google Stadia currently offers is not at an acceptable level. Because after you press a key in the game you are waiting for at least 1 second to pass. That’s enough to ruin your gaming experience anyway. Now, let’s take a closer look at that video where Google Stadia was tested.

The video can also be seen clearly in the Google Stadia, the expected effect can not offer to gamers. Of course, this may have been due to a problem with Google’s servers. Google Stadia, however, is already serving very few gamers, and as it becomes widespread, the servers will become more burdened. It seems Google has to work for a long time about the new game streaming service.


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