Video Showing City-sized Glacier Breakup From Antarctica Published


A piece of glacier, almost the size of a city, broke from the Pine Island glacier in Antarctica. In the video obtained from the satellite images by the European Space Agency, it can be seen that the gigantic iceberg is slowly cracking and breaking from the glacier island.

The European Space Agency (ESA), using satellites, viewed a break of an iceberg from Pine Island glacier in Antarctica. The space agency has accelerated the images it has acquired over time and shared it on YouTube. In the shared video, an iceberg with a size of 300 square kilometers leaves the Pine Island glacier.

The European Space Agency began recording images of the iceberg in February 2019. The last images that appeared in the video were shot on February 10. The video, obtained from 57 satellite images, shows a rapid growth of ice cracks.

Pine Island glacier and Thwaites glacier are the points of West Antarctica that connect to the ocean. ESA announced that these two glaciers are beginning to lose a significant amount of ice. The space agency states that since the mid-1990s, Pine Island glacier has been rapidly losing ice. According to ESA’s statement, Pine Island glacier loses 10 meters of ice per day. ESA announced that the Pine Island glacier has undergone a rapid change in 30 years due to the rapid loss of its ice front shape.

Climate change, which makes its effect felt every passing period, causes the Pine Island glacier to lose ice faster. Published reports show that Pine Island glacier has enough ice to raise sea levels around the world by about 1.5 meters.

The break of the giant iceberg from Pine Island glacier:


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