Video Showing a 50-Pound Iron Anvil Floating in the Bolt


CodyDon Reeder managed to surprise people with a video he shared on his YouTube channel. The video shared on Cody’sLab YouTube channel shows that an iron anvil weighing 50 kilograms does not sink in a mercury-filled container.

YouTuber, CodyDon Reeder, shares videos on scientific topics on his YouTube channel, Cody’s Lab. A video shared by Reeder reveals how the densities of substances form a force regardless of the states of the items.

CodyDon Reeder pours liquid mercury into a container in his experiment. CodyDon leaves a 50-kilogram anvil later in the container, where he empties mercury. The video clearly shows that the anvil does not sink in mercury. Even when YouTuber puts pressure on the anvil to allow it to sink, the anvil comes back to the surface of the mercury.

The main reason why the iron anvil does not sink in mercury is actually simple physics rules. The density of the mercury does not sink in mercury, where the anvil is almost twice the density of the anvil. The same can be tried on substances with different extracts.

One of the most surprising examples in this regard is that bowling balls do not sink in water. Standard bowling balls are between 3.5 and 7 kilograms. However, bowling balls do not sink in water, since whether an object is immersed in the liquid depends on the body’s mass and not its weight; unless there is water in it.

A similar procedure ensures that people stay on the water surface. The density of the human body is 985 kilograms per cubic meter, and the density of fresh water such as lakes and streams is 1,000 kilograms per cubic meter. Salt water in the seas and oceans is much more dense than fresh water. What increases the density of brine is the molten salt contained in it. For this reason, people can swim in salt water much more comfortably.

This intriguing experiment by CodyDon Reeder shows what liquids with high self-bulk can do with buoyancy. Still, the experiment by CoyDon can be dangerous to do at home. Necessary precautions should be taken before experiments with mercury that is harmful to human health.

Video of the experiment showing that the iron anvil does not sink in mercury:


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