Video of Pigeons starving due to coronavirus outbreak became viral

The coronavirus outbreak affects animals as well as humans. In Spain, one of the countries most affected by the virus epidemic, tens of pigeons hungry for quarantine followed a woman with market bags for a long time.

The corona virus took all people under its influence, but animals that got used to living with humans also began to be affected by the virus outbreak. In the past few days, we have seen the food grabbing of monkeys starving because of the virus epidemic. Now, because of the virus epidemic, people do not go out on the streets, and images of hungry pigeons have appeared.

In the images taken in the streets of Benidorm city of Spain, dozens of pigeons gathered around a woman walking with a shopping cart. In normal times, pigeons fed by humans follow the woman with food packages for a while as they are starved after the virus epidemic.

The video of the pigeons who just followed the attack without attacking the woman became viral shortly after being published on social media. The video, in which pigeons followed the woman, was viewed on Twitter about 2 million, shared by thousands of people.

The animals living in the cities and fed by the people started to starve because of the virus epidemic because people did not go out on the streets. So it looks like we will continue to encounter similar images throughout the virus outbreak.

Viral video of hungry pigeons



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