Video of Parody of Corona Virus as a Horror Movie Character: Corona Man


A parody video based on the coronavirus epidemic was created, inspired by the horror movie Candyman, whose vision date was postponed to 25 September in June. In the parody video published under the name Corona Man, we see coronavirus as a bad character.

Movie theaters were closed all over the world due to the coronavirus epidemic. Film companies are delaying the vision dates of their films, which will be released as a result.

Candyman, which is scheduled to be released next June, is among the films affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The film’s vision date, which will be released on 12 June, was postponed to 25 September due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Corona Man is inspired by the movie Candyman
Even if Candyman’s vision date is postponed, the movie inspires some videos. Bobby Huntley II released the video Corona Man as a parody of Candyman’s published trailer. In the Corona Man video shot by Bobby Huntley II, instead of Candyman, we see coronavirus, the number one scourge in the world right now.

The Corona Man video describes a city where black people live, such as Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The character, played by Diezie Sahn in the video, decides to return to his normal life routine after learning that the quarantine has been removed in Georgia. Anthony’s decision causes everyone to worry, from his girlfriend Bri, played by Danielle Maner, to community elders who refuse to shake hands because of the epidemic.

Anthony’s desire to go back to his normal life routine is by his girlfriend Bri, “It’s not about you and what you want to do, Anthony. This is about keeping our community safe ”. Despite this, Anthony’s escape from his house is the message that the Corona Man video wants to give.

Corona Man, a reflection of the coronavirus debate in the USA
The Corona Man video actually appears as a result of a real discussion in the USA. The tension between coronavirus measures between Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is the subtext of the Corona Man video.

Governor Kemp announced last week that on April 24, gyms, hairdressers and some other businesses in the state will be opened with measures to prevent the spread of the virus. But Atlanta Mayor Bottoms disagrees with Governor Kemp. “We are still not testing asymptomatic people and people with mild symptoms,” Bottoms said. So I still don’t think we have a clear picture of what our real numbers are. ”

Blacks became the community most affected by coronavirus in the USA
The concerns of Mayor Bottoms are not unwarranted. Throughout the United States, black communities stand out as the mass most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. It is seen that blacks stand out in death numbers.

The fact that blacks are so intensely affected by the coronavirus in the USA indicates a very basic fact. Most of the basic labor activities in the country are done by black Americans. For this reason, these people have to go to work even during the virus epidemic and get coronavirus in their workplaces or public transport. It is also claimed that blacks can reach less tests due to discrimination.

The Corona Man trailer by Bobby Huntley II does not have a movie. However, Corona Man provides an understanding of the inequality and discrimination caused by the coronavirus epidemic in a few minutes.

Corona Man video by Bobby Huntley II:


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