Video of Tom Holland: Spider-Man audition


While the Spider-Man costume looks great on him, Tom Holland hasn’t always taken on the role. Before him was Tobey Maguire, but Andrew Garfield again – although he was not really unanimous.

So to convince the director of the saga, Sam Raimi, to do better than them, the young actor had to work hard. Especially during his filmed audition!

In fact, the Youtube TV Guy channel has just published it. According to the images, the actor was really perfect to lend his features to the spider-man.

Especially since Robert Downey Jr. was already familiar with his talented acting. According to him, Tom Holland has what others don’t.

First, his physical abilities. Indeed, the Briton can perform a backflip (a back salto, in French) without the slightest difficulty. And without even preparing in advance!

Then, his invisible accent. Yet born in the United Kingdom, the young man manages to erase all traces of hearing to slip into the skin of one of the greatest American superheroes.


So in front of the camera, Tom Holland struggles to convince Sam Raimi and his team to give him the role of SpiderMan.

And the least we can say is that the young man really gives his all. You would almost forget that this is an audition!

Besides, we can read a ton of compliments in the comments below the video. Like: “this child deserves the whole world. ”

Or ; “This video shows how good an actor he is. Of all those in the last two films, he is the one that aroused the most emotion. And you, what do you think of Tom Holland?

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