Video of Huawei Smart Watch Using HarmonyOS Revealed


Huawei introduced the new operating system HarmonyOS 2.0 at the event it organized recently. Now, a video of a smart watch with this operating system installed has emerged.

After the problems that Huawei had with the US administration last year, the Android operating system that Huawei used in its smartphones became a problem for the company. During this period, the operating system HarmonyOS, which Huawei developed itself, emerged.

The company announced that the new version of the operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0, and the watch that will use this operating system, will be released until the end of this year. Not long after, a video of a smartwatch using HarmonyOS 2.0 has emerged.

Huawei’s new smartwatch using HarmonyOS

According to Changan Digital, a Weibo user, Huawei is currently working on a smartwatch using the HarmonyOS operating system, and the smartwatch is expected to be released at the end of this year or early next year. Of course, this is not the only piece of information that emerged, Changan Digital also shared a video showing the clock. In the video, we see the body and software interface of the clock standing on something like a printed circuit board.

According to the news in Huawei Central, the software of the watch is very similar to the Huawei Watch GT 2 series with LiteOS. In addition, the device has features such as a pedometer, heart rhythm controller, sleep tracking, battery level, as in Sp02. From the video you can watch from above, we can say that the clock is almost complete, but there may be some tweaks that Huawei will do on it.

Huawei manager Richard Yu announced at Huawei Developer Conferance 2020 that HarmonyOS will open to all ecosystem products from 128 KB RAM to 128 MB RAM. In addition to the Internet of Things, the company will also open HarmonyOS 2.0 to devices with memory ranging from 128 MB RAM to 4 GB RAM, which means phones and tablets with HarmonyOS operating systems will debut in 2021.


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