Video of Derek Carr, Cover and Let’s Adams Goes Viral


It’s safe to say that Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is enjoying teammates with receiver Davante Adams for the first time since college.

During a recent training session, Carr decided to switch positions and act as a fullback, lining up opposite Adams. Adams didn’t participate in the play, so Carr didn’t have to do much. However, that didn’t stop him from trying.

When the ball clicked, Carr did his best to move his legs like a real fullback in personal cover. But his hand movement could do with a little work, as he was, in fact, stretching them out to Adams, as if he were playing tortillas.

The clip goes viral, gaining over 50,000 views in just 20 minutes. But some of the comments are frankly funny:

“Excellent lighting. This is a 15-yard penalty for ridicule, which simply cannot be…” one of the users replied.

“Carr Island is there,” wrote another, referring to “Revis Island.”

“Looks like the Raiders have a new blocking CB,” theScore tweeted.

We probably won’t see Derek Carr play against Davante Adams or anyone else in the regular season or even in the preseason. He’ll be too busy passing passes as their starting quarterback.

But it’s always nice to see big-name players trying new positions.

Will Derek Carr be able to become a fullback in the NFL?


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