Video of a kiss with Twenty4Tim: says Ann Wunsch


Twenty 4 Tim (22) and Anne Wunsch (31) made a real splash online! Tim’s new song “Gender” was released a few days ago and became a viral hit in just 30 minutes. The former Berlin actress “day and night” also starred in the video and melted the audience with a stormy kiss scene. But how did it happen? Now Ann chatted a little about the filming of the video clip!

Anna shared some impressions of the shooting with her Instagram followers. “I went to the set and didn’t know until the very end what kind of scene I would see there. I was so nervous and sweating like hell,” she said of the shoot. Therefore, she was hardly ready for a kiss – she liked him anyway: “I kissed Twenty4Tim, and he has damn soft lips!”

Overall, the time on set was a great experience, Anne said enthusiastically: “The whole team was incredibly nice… It’s amazing what Tim has achieved in such a short time.” She respects it very much and is happy to be a part of it all, the 31-year-old added.


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