Video of a Heart Shared by a Woman Caught in Coronavirus Intensive Care


A 39-year-old woman living in London, the capital of England, continues her treatment in intensive care unit with the diagnosis of coronavirus. The treated woman broadcasted a video from the intensive care unit, urging everyone to be alert to the virus.

COVID-19 affects many countries, and it affects people’s lives deeply in England. Tara Jane Langston, 39, who received coronavirus treatment in an intensive care unit of a hospital in London, shared a video about the disease and treatment process.

Langston, 39, said that after a trip to Poland with his wife and children, he was diagnosed with chest infection and started antibiotic therapy. Despite continuing antibiotic therapy, Langston did not recover. The woman was taken to Hillingdon Hospital by ambulance after she did not recover with antibiotic treatment. As a result of tests performed in this hospital, Langston was diagnosed with coronavirus.

When the condition of the woman who was treated with coronavirus worsened, it was decided to continue her treatment in the intensive care unit. It seems that Langston, who shares videos from the intensive care unit, has trouble breathing and coughs constantly.

In his video, Tara Jane Langston warned people about the dangers of coronavirus. “I feel like I have glass in my lungs,” says the woman, saying that she could not breathe without cables attached to her arteries.

“Take precautions, do not leave it to chance,” Langston warned people against the coronavirus. “If you are still smoking, quit immediately,” Langston warned a special warning to smokers. Because you will need your lungs. ” Tara Jane Langston, who is being treated in the intensive care unit, says she is much better than when she was hospitalized.

Video shared intensely in coronavirus:


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