Video made by drone on bowling alley has cinema quality


A video made by a drone with the initial objective of documenting companies in Minnesota, USA, affected by the coronavirus pandemic began to go viral after its publication on YouTube on Monday (8) due to the quality of their images. to the way it was done (in a single shot) and, even without using computer graphics, resemble a Hollywood production.

With over 1.2 million views on the video sharing platform, the footage was shot by Jay Christensen, from Minneapolis, outside and inside the Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater bowling space. The title Right Up Our Alley can either be translated literally as “Direct from Our Bowling Alley” or as the slang “Direct from Our Beach” in the sense we use in Portuguese.


The 87-second shoot, done impeccably in small spaces and with an accelerated speed, was published without any type of editing, except the audio that was retouched in post-production, allowing to hear the conversation of the players, who talk about the film The Great Lebowski, which tells the story of a great bowler.

Interviewed by The New York Times, Brian Heimann, producer at Rally Studios, the company that produced the video, explained that it took ten attempts for the recording to be perfect. And he left a message to the fans: “these drones are quite resistant”, indicating that the aircraft survived the final strike.


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