Video Games Need More TV Series like Dad Of Light from Final Fantasy 14


Video games have been getting a lot of TV series lately. The Witcher won an award and put the series on the pop culture map. The Fallout TV series is in development, and Dragon Age is preparing an animated Netflix show. Many anime also originated from video games such as Pokemon, Danganronpa and Persona. The list goes on and on, and what all these series have in common is that they are not about the place of a video game in the real world, but about the game’s own plot. However, there is one show based on video games that violated this agreement: Final Fantasy 14’s Dad of Light.

Dad of Light explored Final Fantasy 14, but didn’t dive into its characters or story. Rather, the show was a fictional drama about Final Fantasy 14 as a video game and how it relates to the relationship between a son and his father. Other shows haven’t followed Dad of Light’s lead on how a video game can be the driving force behind a plot in the real world, and that’s a shame since video games can have a big impact on drama, family and relationships. Having more video game shows like Dad of Light could spark more conversations in the video game industry and change the way it is seen.

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What does the pope of light achieve with his story

Dad of Light is a show that switches between the real world and the world of Final Fantasy 14. The main characters are an estranged father and son who used to be close and connected by video games. The father takes Final Fantasy 14, and the son secretly plays with him without telling him his identity. In general, the story is quite healthy. The son helps the father to understand the mechanics and basics, for example, how to communicate in the game. For gamers, the scenes can be quite funny, as the father first uses a lot of emotions, jumps and runs to communicate.

The show sheds light on how communication in games like Final Fantasy 14 can help those who live in real life, how a warm community can exist in the virtual world and how games can be more than just games for people. Many gamers have such personal video game stories, but they remain unused and are shared only by individuals in online corners, not in movies or TV shows. In fact, many media outlets do the exact opposite of what Dad of Light does. In movies and TV shows, video games are often portrayed as antisocial activities, and in the worst case, video games are portrayed as an outlet for aggressive people. Media characters who play a lot of video games very often fall into the image of those who reject reality and the outside world, when people are much more complicated than just that.

Why more mass media should follow the formula of the Father of light

Major games like Resident Evil continue to receive movies and TV series, which suggests that many people who have played these games have grown up and become content creators. In addition, many people of all ages play video games. It has become intergenerational, offering many different perspectives on the genre. However, many media outlets focus only on the stories within the games, and not on the stories of the video games themselves and the players.

There are people who have proposed to their partners in video games, people who have discovered their gender identity, their sexuality and the truth about themselves in video games. There are people who have made old friends all over the planet, never meeting physically, but are fans of each other in life. These stories deserve to be covered in TV shows and movies. If more shows and movies do what Dad of Light did, rather than sticking with game adaptations like Halo, it could promote more truly positive messages about video games and why they attract so many people. It may more show the complexities of human relationships and how video games can even shape a person with their freedoms and messages.

Final Fantasy 14 is already available for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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