Video games in the Economy Improvement Plan


The Government of Spain intends to accelerate job creation through European funds and new structural policies for culture.

The Government of Spain led by Pedro Sánchez has announced the main measures of the Recovery Plan for the Spanish Economy through the European Recovery Fund, which plans to implement in a period of 3 years (until 2023) a total of 72,000 million Euros that will go to different sources of the economic market, including the creation of 800,000 jobs. The video game sector will be a participant in these grants.

Said capital mobilization is broken down in a 58-page document under the name of ‘Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Economy’, will advance the next General State Budgets 27,000 million euros so that the so-called ten urgent lever policies they can be revitalized with preference.

According to the organization of the Spanish Video Game Development (DEV), participant in the presentation of the recovery plan, the President of the Executive assures that 1.1% of those 72,000 million will be invested in culture, with explicit mention of the culture of the videogame.

Quantity and quality of employment in Spain – White Paper on Spanish Video Game Development

The latest report of the DEV White Paper, published this March corresponding to the evolution of the Spanish video game market in 2019, indicated that almost half of the people employed in this sector are under 30 years old; while 94% of workers are under 45 years old.

In turn, a third of all employers have less than 3 years of experience, with a percentage of only 20% with more than 10 years of experience in the development field. The conclusions of the report is that it is a young market, with room for growth and with a strong incidence and dependence on Catalonia (47% of employees) and the Community of Madrid (27% of employees).

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Regardless of the number of employees is the quality of them. According to the document, until the end of 2019, 65% of contracts in Spain in the development sector were indefinite, with a 34% percentage of freelance employees (self-employed, self-employed) and a ratio tiny number of employees from other countries. Finally, the percentage of women is still very low compared to that of men, with only 16% incidence in national companies.


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