Video Conferencing Application Comes Low Light Mode to Google Meet


The Google Meet app is preparing to offer a low light mode for users who make video calls under poor lighting conditions. Low light mode automatically adjusts the backlight according to the ambient light.

Good light spokes are not always available when conducting a video call. Google has announced that it has brought the low light mode it offers with Google Duo on mobile devices to the Android and iOS versions of the Meet app.

Google Meet’s low-light mode automatically detects whether users are in low-light conditions and activates the feature within 5 seconds. Meet also dynamically changes video enhancements and increases enhancements when lighting conditions get worse and decreases when they get worse.

Android users will gradually get Google Meet’s low-light mode
Google noted that the feature may not work the same for all users, as there is a difference in the mobile computing capabilities of smartphones. For example, currently, Google Duo’s low light mode is available on premium smartphones that can implement video enhancements in real time. The feature is ‘open’ to users by default and runs automatically. Low light mode can be turned off in the settings menu during a call.

The low light mode will be available to all G Suite users for Android and iOS as of today. While iOS users can start using the feature immediately, Android users will gradually receive the new feature and the low-light mode will reach all users by May 11, 2020.

You can download the Google Meet app for Android and iOS through the Play Store and App Store. Google Meet is frequently used by home users, especially because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Video of low light mode for Google Meet: