Video catches postal worker throwing parcels


This week, images of a postal worker hurling parcels in a company van caused a stir on social media. According to Rede Globo’s Bom Dia SP newspaper, the video was recorded in front of an agency on Belém Street, in the East Zone of São Paulo. There is still no information on the date of the occurrence.

In a note, the Post Office stated that employees are instructed to ensure the integrity of the objects transported and that the procedure denounced in the video is “totally dissociated from the company’s operating standards”.

This is not the first time that state employees have gone viral on the internet for being careless with orders. In 2017, a recording was also controversial. Inside a shed of the state-owned company, a uniformed man was throwing orders on the floor, right after checking the information on the labels.

At the time, the Post Office issued a note saying that “the video shows an isolated case of an employee who did not meet the company’s operational quality standards”. As in 2017, the state company announced that it will carry out an investigation and that disciplinary measures against this behavior will be adopted.


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