Video: Cat attends online court hearing; Said ‘I am a lawyer’


A video of a lawyer and a judge talking online on Zoom in Texas, USA, has gone viral on the internet. A cat is seen talking in front of a judge. But when the judge asked, the cat replied, “I’m not a cat.” I am a lawyer.

It so happened that, during the hearing, which started online, the lawyer filmed the cat in a zoom meeting. And the lawyer could not find the option to remove it. The funny video of the mess that happened in the meantime is going viral right now. So far, the video has been viewed by people.

During a hearing in a Texas court on Tuesday, a lawyer accidentally started a cat filter on the zoom. Attorney Rod Ponton then struggled to remove the cat filter. During the hearing, he looked like a talking cat. Judge Roy B. Ferguson is also seen assisting the lawyer. Judge Roy said, “Mr. Ponton, I think you can go into the video setting and start your filter.” The funny thing about this video is when the lawyers try to convince the pontoon judge that I am not a cat. “I have called my assistant,” Panton said. And she’s trying to make it work as usual. However, I am willing to attend the hearing as well. “I’m live and I’m not a cat,” Ponton added.

The video has been viewed by 16 million people so far and retweeted by more than 60,000 people. More than two lakh people have liked this video. “I used my secretary’s computer to start the filter,” Ponton said. I always wanted to be known as a good lawyer. “It simply came to our notice then. I have become well-known,” he said. After a while the filter was successfully turned off and then the hearing went on as usual.


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