The life of Ariana Grande could be at risk, or at least that is what the psychic of Cuban origin Mhoni Vidente says, who for years has been responsible for predicting the future of celebrities, natural disasters, and even the final markers of matches. OMG!

This time, the seer has called attention to Ariana, who says that depression is sinking her more and more. The reason? Mac Miller would be the one behind his ex-girlfriend willing to take her with him. REALLY?

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the love of my life

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Just over a year ago, the rapper died of an overdose, Mhoni says that at the time he was leaving this world, he thought of Grande. Since then, the singer has not been able to recover, falling into an increasingly strong depression and anxiety that has made her cancel some presentations.

Mac Miller wants to meet her, but the famous seer has given Ari some tips to avoid this premature death. One of the recommendations he has given him is to bathe with holy water and pray a lot, and most importantly, to get rid of all those things that somehow bind him; such as photos, clothes, gifts, etc.

Hopefully this prediction is wrong, and our Ariana Grande continues many more years in our lives, with good music and in better health.


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