Victoria Confirms Neuman’s Being According to Cindy


Before The Boys season 2 finale revealed that Victoria Neuman was the super who had been blowing heads, popular fan theory was that Cindy was responsible, with Vought perhaps smuggling her out of Sage Grove.

Cindy might have been presented as a red herring, but the similarity between her and Victoria’s powers in The Boys is interesting. They are not the same; Victoria specifically targets the heads and blows them up scanner-style.

While Cindy uses her powers to crush people to implode, somewhat similar, but since Cindy is unstable, they could actually have the same powers, with Victoria having learned to better control hers in The Boys.

One potential problem with this theory is that we’ve already seen a group of affected siblings in The Boys. While Kimiko’s abilities are limited to increased super strength, agility, and durability, Kenji developed telekinetic powers.

This could be explained because Compound V only causes similar power sets in The Boys’ siblings in some cases, or alternatively, Cindy could be Victoria Neuman’s daughter instead of her sister.

The congresswoman mentioned having a daughter during a news broadcast, and Stormfront showed that superintendents don’t always age like normal people, so Victoria could be much older than she appears in The Boys.

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