VICTON’s Seungsik Tests Positive For COVID-19 + Recommends That Fans Who Attended Fan Signing Events Get Tested


The son from VICTON was diagnosed with COVID-19.

On January 8, IST Entertainment announced that Seungsik had gone into self-isolation after testing positive for the virus earlier that morning. According to the agency, the test results of all other participants were negative.

IST Entertainment also recommended that fans who attended the VICTON fanzines on January 7 be tested as a precautionary measure.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hi. This is EAST Entertainment.

We inform you that VICTON participant Kang Seungshik has been diagnosed with COVID-19 again.

This morning (January 8th) Kang Seungshik tested positive for a self-test kit that he used as a precaution. He then immediately went to the hospital and underwent a rapid antigen test, and was eventually diagnosed with COVID-19. [Other participants] besides Kang Seungshik — Im Sejun, Do Hanse, Choi Byungchan and Jung Subin — all tested negative.

Kang Seungsik is currently in self-isolation in accordance with the instructions of the state health authorities.

We recommend that fans who personally attended the Soundwave and Makestar fanzines on January 7 also use self-test kits as a precaution.

We apologize for causing concern to many people, and we will do everything possible for the health and speedy recovery of our artist.


We wish my Seungsik a speedy recovery!


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