VICTON’s Heo Chan declared cured of COVID-19


VICTON’s Heo Chan has been declared cured of COVID-19. Previously, Heo Chan had been declared infected with the COVID-19 virus even though he had received the vaccine and had to stay in a quarantine center.

Now on Monday (06/12), the agency IST Entertainment announced that Heo Chan has recovered from COVID-19 and all members have completed the self-quarantine period.

As they stated in their official announcement:

“Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

The following is our statement regarding VICTON’s release from self-quarantine.

After VICTON’s Heo Chan was diagnosed with COVID-19 on November 26, he followed the directions of the public health authorities and stayed at the quarantine center to receive treatment.

When his test results were negative, public health authorities stated that he could continue his daily activities and promotions without any problems.

The other VICTON members who went into self-quarantine after being classified as close contacts, all tested negative in the latest test results and have been released from quarantine.

In the future, the agency will continue to do its best for the healthy and safe promotion of our artists, and strictly follow the COVID-19 prevention protocol.

We ask that you continue to give love and support to VICTON.

Thank you,” concluded the agency.