Vicarious Vision is working on a remake of Diablo 2


Last Friday (22), Jason Schreier, from Bloomberg, reported that Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s studio Vicarious Vision is producing a remake of Diablo 2 alongside Activision Blizzard, after the company announced that Vicarious Vision would be merged with Blizzard and would not run any of its own projects.

According to internal sources at Activision, developer Vicarious Vision will abandon its copyright projects to focus entirely on Blizzard’s major franchises, with former studio head Jennifer Oneal taking a leadership role at the publisher. The relationship between the parent company and the subsidiary was one of the consequences caused by an alleged internal dismantling due to the problematic launch of Warcraft III: Reforged.

In a conversation with an unidentified Activision spokesman, Schreier heard that Vicarious Vision “has been working with Blizzard for some time”, now with a team dedicated to repairing the numerous Reforged errors through a new game, which would apparently be a Diablo 2 revival. Current members include veterans of Blizzard, who have been relocated to different divisions of the company to work on other projects.


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