Vicar Amelia makes an incredible bar before the Bloodborne difficulty jump


It’s not hard to find a boss battle on the Bloodborne list, which fans consider an incredible demonstration of enemy FromSoftware design. However, despite the fact that many of these encounters are unique enough to stand out, only a few of them have the dual purpose that Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne fulfills: the boss and the supposed “speed bump” for new players.

Since the complexity of the FromSoftware catalog is often part of the draw, the experience of encountering Amelia’s fast-paced vicar meeting is more than welcome. At the same time, the complexity of Vicar Amelia is of secondary importance, acting as a preparation for players to get used to the new challenges that Bloodborne has prepared after leaving the Cathedral District.

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To be crushed in the Great Cathedral of Bloodborne

With a narrative that is told subtly, a game like Bloodborne doesn’t contain too many cutscenes that stop the action and force players to watch the script rather than interact with it. So, when Vicar Amelia is presented with a short cut scene in which the boss turns from a praying woman into a huge writhing beast, this is really memorable for the player. This is in addition to the cut scene, which begins with an image that earns bloody knowledge and the namesake of Bloodborne with gallons of the substance sprayed on the walls.

However, while the introduction of Vicar Amelia is bloody in itself, once the fight begins, it instead becomes bloody against the player. This is a boss that is perfect for a dynamic Bloodborne fight that requires evasion. Players will need to dodge the giant claws of Vicar Amelia to avoid being hit, while maintaining their own aggression to ensure that they can survive.

The need for players to be more aggressive than the FromSoftware formula against Amelia’s vicar usually requires is reinforced by the possibility of breaking her limbs and opening up the boss for punishment. In addition, there is a way the boss will heal himself in the later stages of the fight, stealing precious progress from the player in the process. Thus, staying close and dealing permanent damage becomes even more necessary for Amelia’s vicar than for many of the previous bosses who came before her.

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As a vicar Amelia acts as a necessary wall

Bursts of difficulty are not something new for the FromSoftware catalog, for example, transitions between worlds in Demon’s Souls or a jump in enemy health and damage after Lindell in Elden Ring. However, it’s a concept that can be difficult to balance properly, even for a developer known for creating particularly complex content. So it’s not a fact that any game will be able to prepare players for the moment when the difficulty is about to begin to grow, as it happens with the list of bosses in Bloodborne, especially with Vicar Amelia.

For players who have played and outplayed Bloodborne several times, Vicar Amelia may not seem like one of the most difficult bosses of the early game. However, for any player whose build is not ready to take on the middle and late areas of the game, it can easily tear apart any hunter without enough vitality to withstand more than a couple of attacks at a time. Thus, Vicar Amelia can make a lasting impression on players, even if she is not one of the strongest bosses of Bloodborne when it comes to pure damage.

Given that the next area to appear is the Forbidden Forest, preparing players for the upcoming uphill climb is a necessity to maintain a steady Bloodborne pace. If players could easily get past Amelia’s Vicar with lower stats or personal skills than necessary to survive in an incredibly long Forbidden Forest, then a sudden spike in difficulty could turn players off the game. It can be difficult to create an experience as meaningful as Vicar Amelia, but this is one of the ways Bloodborne stands above other FromSoftware games more than seven years later.

Bloodborne is already available for PS4.


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