“Very Strange Things” will not move to a weekly release in the final season


Don’t expect “Very Strange Things” to move to the weekly editions of the fifth and final season.

In an interview with Variety, Peter Friedlander, head of the Netflix series scripts department for the USA and Canada, confirmed that there are no plans to switch to weekly releases, and he will release all (or at least most) of his episodes on the day of the premiere. .

“For fans of ‘Very Strange Things’ is how they watched this show, and I think it would be disappointing for them to change that,” he said. “To not give them exactly what they expected — and “Very Strange Things” is a seasonal experience, they go through it with them — I think that would be a drastic change for the participant.”


In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about how best to produce a modern TV season — in full, like Netflix, or after the classic weekly TV broadcast. While some streaming shows have had great success with weekly releases, it looks like “Very Strange Things” won’t follow suit. However, it’s worth noting that “Very Strange Things 4” has split its season into two separate sets of issues — although it seems to have more to do with giving the team time to finish the final episodes, rather than a conscious decision to keep the fans.

It seems that the binge-watching model will remain at large on Netflix. At least for his scripted show:

“We basically believe we want to give our members a choice of how they look,” he explained. “And so giving them the opportunity to watch these scripted series as much as they want when they watch it is still fundamental to what we want to provide. And so when you see something like a group season with “Very Strange Things”, this is our attempt to make sure that we can show the show to the participants faster.”

Friedlander says the whole point is to “serve” the needs of Netflix subscribers in the most appropriate way:

“That’s what you see [in ‘Very Strange Cases’] and what you see in ‘The Ozarks,'” he said. “So we had some experiments in this space. But it’s also that you give the opportunity to watch several episodes, not separately.”

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“So, what we think really does honor our relationship with our participants and their expectations. There were other types of launch frequency, but this is due to an unprogrammed approach or a competitive approach.”

It’s true that Netflix has already adopted a weekly release schedule for some games, such as The Great British Baking Show, mainly due to the licensing agreement with the show. They also seem to be limited to reality shows or competition shows. But it looks like “Very Strange Things” and other Netflix-scripted dramas won’t get those weekly cool moments.

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