“Very Strange Things” Really Want You To Think That Eddie Died in S4 Vol 2


Warning: contains SPOILERS for the first season of the TV series “Very strange things” 4

Many characters, including Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), may die in season 4, volume 2 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”. As the leader of the Hellfire Club Hawkins High, a Dungeons & Dragons fan and heavy metal enthusiast, Eddie Munson is one of the outstanding newcomers to Stranger Things. After Vecna’s first victim, Chrissie Cunningham (Grace Van Deen), dies in her trailer, Eddie escapes to her drug dealer’s house and remains hiding there for most of season 4 of Very Strange Cases, Volume 1. Although Eddie’s escape is quite understandable. from the scene of a supernatural crime, he is still subject to the character’s redemptive arc.

Eddie became a victim of satanic panic, which was a wave of unfounded claims that heavy metal, Dungeons & Dragons, horror films and other minor interests influenced satanic rituals. Eddie’s “freak” makes him the perfect scapegoat for Hawkins, accused of the terrible crimes committed by Vecna (later revealed as “Very Strange Cases 1” in the plot twist of season 4. While “Very Strange Things” seems to lead to big things for Eddie, the series’ track record with characters like him also makes his arc a preparation for his eventual death.

Eddie Munson’s death is certainly not guaranteed, especially given that actor Joseph Quinn suggests (via Inverse) that his character will return in season 5. This would certainly be the preferred direction for his character, as “Very Strange Cases” tends to be low-risk kill characters who are cute enough to cause an emotional blow, but not big enough to affect the story. However, the show’s writers responded to Stephen King’s complaint on Twitter “Very Strange Things” regarding his two-volume split on the fact that the last two episodes of season 4 are not fully completed. Therefore, Eddie’s fate could still be unknown even to the actor himself. Let’s hope that “Very Strange Things” will give Eddie a much happier ending for his terrible luck in season 4. However, here’s how season 4 of “Very Strange Cases” hints at the death of Eddie Munson in Volume 2.

Why Eddie’s Death Makes sense in “Very Strange Cases”

Eddie Munson is exposed as a sacrificial lamb for slaughter in the TV series “Very Strange Things”, because neither the real world nor the Upside-down are safe for him. Eddie’s advantage is that he has no physical evidence that he killed Vecna’s victims, except, of course, Chrissy’s death. With that said, it would be almost impossible to convince Hawkins that the interdimensional “Very Strange Things”, informally named by a group of D&D enthusiasts Vekna, is the one who kills teenagers.

Eddie says in season 4 of Very Strange Cases, episode 1, that it’s “no shame to run” when the D&D campaign reaches a crossroads, officially establishing his approach to the conflict and the associated character growth he will face. As he becomes more involved in the group and the Vecna murders, Eddie expands his boundaries and joins Steve (Joe Keary), Robin (Maya Hawke) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) on the Inside. Eddie’s cowardice pushes him to even greater shame and worse predicaments, naturally setting his character up for a heroic moment that could potentially be fatal.

How “Very Strange Things” Hinted at Eddie’s Death

A notable moment in the trailer for season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, which is not in the first volume, is a frame in which Eddie Munson shaves his guitar in Upside Down. In “Very Strange Things”, it is claimed that music can help the victims of Vecna escape through the memorable Kate Bush scene in which Max (Sadie Sink) escapes from the Wrong Side to safety in the episode “Very Strange Things” “Chapter Four: Dear Billy.” Now that Nancy is in Upside Down in the finale of the first volume, perhaps Eddie can come to her rescue by performing a guitar solo in her favorite song. If solo is not for this purpose, then Eddie can distract his friends from the Inside out. Whatever the reason, he seems to be positioning himself as a sacrificial bait.

According to an interview with Joseph Quinn, Eddie survived this guitar solo. Nevertheless, “Very Strange Things” could portend something for his character. The guitar solo itself is probably nothing more than a truly heroic rock star moment for Eddie. However, if there is a moment of Bob Newby’s death in Very Strange Cases, establishing Eddie’s willingness to put himself in danger for the common good is a decent way to set him up. After the guitar scene, Eddie may later repeat such bravery and eventually he will not be so lucky. Eddie is also not so familiar with Upside Down and might do something reckless. Whether it’s purposeful bullying of himself or simple callousness, Eddie can end up putting himself in mortal danger.