“Very Strange Things” May Change Will’s Birthday After a Plot Hole in Season 4


The creators of “Very Strange Cases” have revealed what they can do to correct the mistake of season 4 regarding Will’s birthday. “Very Strange Things” is one of the flagship Netflix series, telling about the events in the fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana, which is located above a portal to another dimension, called the Underside. The series takes place in the early to mid-1980s and mainly focuses on a group of young people obsessed with pop culture who use their love of fantasy and horror to help them understand what’s going on, including using the term “Dungeons and Dragons” to describe the first episode. the big monster they face together: a terrible beast with a swollen mouth, known as a Demogorgon.

One of the main characters of the series is Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), a boy abducted by a Demogorgon in the first episode of the first season. Although the entire season revolved around his family and friends trying to find him, he played a more important role in the following seasons as Hawkins was surrounded by even more supernatural threats. Despite how important a figure he is in the overall storyline of the series, Very strange things still missed an important detail about the character: his birthday. His date of birth is mentioned as March 22 by his mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) in the season 2 episode of the series. However, the first part of Season 4, which premiered on May 27 on Netflix, set the main stage on March 22, without mentioning Will Byers’ birthday at all.

The creators of the series “Very strange things” Matt and Ross Duffer recently gave an interview to Variety about the first part of the fourth season. When it came to Will’s birthday, they revealed that they could “George Lucas” in this episode of the second season, using ADR to change Joyce’s line and make Will’s birthday May 22 instead. They said that they didn’t have anyone tracking such details, but a helpful fan sent a document listing all the main dates of the series that they would refer to from now on. Read their full quote about Will’s birthday change below:

Matt: I think we’re going to do it with George Lucas…

Ross: It doesn’t make sense for the narrative. We talked about it yesterday, I think we’re going to tell George Lucas about it.…

Matt: We wrote his birthday six years ago… I don’t remember. I don’t sit and review my seasons. I don’t know when I last watched season 2.

The duffers, who delighted themselves by turning “George Lucas” into a verb, refer to how the creator of “Star Wars” updated his previous material. When the Star Wars prequels appeared in theaters, Lucas supervised the reissue of the “Special Edition” versions of the original trilogy, which made significant changes, including improvements to computer graphics, altered dialogue lines and the addition of a deleted scene with Jabba the Hutt. . While changing Will’s birthday wouldn’t be as major a change as many of Lucas’ decisions, it would trigger his methods, revisiting material that had already been missing for years.

Although this is hardly the most important plot development Very strange things, it at least explains why Will’s friends and even his mother forgot about his birthday. Taking into account the fact that Will was often unlucky as a character, this would eliminate at least one flaw from the narrative of the character in the universe. Now the Duffers just need to make sure they don’t make any scenes unrelated to the birthday, May 22, and they will be golden.