“Very Strange Things 4” corrects a serious mistake of seasons 2 and 3


Although the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” promised to be the most “epic” of all seasons, the Netflix hit managed to avoid the biggest mistake made in the 2nd and 3rd seasons when it comes to such an increase in scale. It is never easy for a long-term TV show to increase its scale and ambitions. In particular, when a series becomes popular, the decision to open its world order sometimes confirms the saying that more is not always better.

One of the biggest mistakes made in the second and third seasons of “Very Strange Cases” was the decision to expand the scope of the series — or rather, the way the Netflix show tried to pull it off. In the second season of the series “Very Strange Things”, the infamous ill-conceived separate episode was shown, which sent the heroine of the series El to Chicago, where such characters as Kali (she is the Eighth) and new elements of the Hawkins laboratory were introduced, which have not yet been fully disclosed. Meanwhile, the 3rd season of “Very Strange Cases” has added a huge multi-storey monster to the ranks of the villains of the series, turning the Netflix hit from a small-town horror mystery into a broader sci-fi thriller in which teenagers confront kaiju from the “Reverse Side”.

With that in mind, the news that “Very Strange Things 4” would have the biggest scope in the series to date was worrisome. However, the fact that Vecna attacks victims in their minds means that “Very Strange Things” can experiment with ambitious horror ideas without portraying a large-scale disaster. “Very strange things 4” acquired the dark coloring of the trilogy “Street of Fear” with her creepy new villain and got bigger because of the decision to split the cast. However, the limited size of the villain made his attacks more personal and less epic, and the separation of characters raised the stakes without turning “Very Strange Things” into a show about heroes saving the whole world, not just their small hometown.

Why “Very Strange Things 4” shouldn’t have been more

Mike, noting that Elle has already “saved the world twice” in the season 4 premiere, proves that “Very Strange Things 4” could not have become bigger if the show had not had to pull its actions from the small town of Hawkins. Byers’ move to California meant that the series already had more major locations to keep an eye on, along with Hopper’s Siberian exile, but that didn’t turn season 4 of Very Strange Cases into an adventure show traveling the world where Hawkins was now irrelevant to its course. While the distribution of the cast across the country has given Season 4 more locations, the last thing “Very Strange Cases 4” needs is large—scale action, such as “The Battle of Starcourt” in season 3. More of this action-movie-style scenario would complicate character-oriented writing by replacing small scenes of subtle development with big explosive scenery. However, the creation of “Vecna” allowed the writers to give “Very Strange Cases” the 4th season of the smaller size that the show needed, without sacrificing the stakes.

How “Very Strange Cases 4” increased the scale of its horror

Vecna’s ability to create nightmarish versions of reality allowed season 4 of “Very Strange Cases” to increase the scale of its horror with the help of ambitious hallucinations. However, Vecna, shooting the townspeople, does not require large-scale destruction, like the spider monster from the third season, smashing shopping malls. This meant that since these scenes were hallucinations, there were no gaping holes in the plot, like how no one noticed that the Hawkins Post editors had died long before the Starcourt mall fire. These hitches in the narrative were inevitable when, in the third season of “Very Strange Things,” a monster the size of a building appeared in a small town, only so that none of the locals would see the Mind Catcher looting at the city’s Fourth of July celebration. On the contrary, Vecna’s terrifying hallucinations worked because they affected only one character at a time, allowing the villain from season 4 of “Very Strange Cases” to create a nightmarish, thrilling horror without forcing fans to ask how no one else noticed his presence.

The big story of “Very Strange Cases 4” does not sacrifice its stars

While Vecna’s modus operandi was the key to the success of season 4 of “Very Strange Cases,” there are many other factors that helped the series avoid the biggest problems in seasons 2 and 3. Firstly, the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” lasts much longer than the 3rd, which gives the show time to establish a clear plot for each set of characters. Characters who had little to do in season three, such as Jonathan and Max, have clear goals and character arcs, even if their progress can be frustratingly slow in time. In particular, Max, played by Sadie Sink, proves how much the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” has benefited from a longer duration. In season three, she contributed to Mike and Eleven’s brief breakup, feuded with her boyfriend Lucas, and, in fact, served no other purpose in the story. In season 4 of Very Strange Cases, her grief over Billy’s death makes her one of the most important protagonists of the series, and the series has time to justify the scale of this loss long before Vecna uses it to almost kill her in episode 4.