Very Strange Things: 11 best Duets from Season 4


Warning! Spoilers for season 4 of the TV series “Very strange things”

The fourth season of the series “Very strange things” is officially over, and now fans have a great opportunity to just wait for the next season. With a finale that left viewers mostly in shock with tears in their eyes, everyone can only look back at the season and focus on its best moments, of which there are many.

More than anything, the show is unique in that it creates an extremely charismatic dynamic between the characters, which is further enhanced by the exceptional acting of the actors. This has led to a lot of epic pairings, especially in season 4, that need to be talked about.

Hopper and Enzo/Dmitry

Hopper and Dmitry were the stars of the 1st volume of the 4th season. In Volume 2, Joyce, Murray, and Yuri, who introduced themselves to them, changed the dynamic, so they didn’t have any more screen time together.

Hopper felt very comfortable around Dimitri, who was the only person he could talk to openly. The willingness of the Russian guard to help, despite his ulterior motives, made him very attractive to fans of the show. Although viewers don’t know what happened to him at the end of season 4, hopefully they’ll see him reunite with Hopper in season 5.

Joyce and Murray

Murray is the same strange uncle of the family as Joyce is a caring mother, and together they lead to the funniest quotes and moments from “Very Strange Cases”, although Murray can do it all himself. This unexpected duo quickly became one of the best of the season.

From the moment Joyce called Murray, to the moment he suddenly disappeared in the last few minutes of the season finale, they have some of the most memorable moments, especially in the first volume. Murray’s chaotic energy is not something Joyce is used to, and her reaction to everything he says and does only strengthens their friendship.

Nancy and Robin

Nancy and Robin were the most unexpected couple in season 4, and fans can thank the Duffer brothers for making this possible, because their friendship is pure perfection! The two had their own opinions about each other, which changed this season as they got to know each other better.

Their little investigation to find out more about the Creel family, and their trip to Pennhurst is hopefully just the beginning of their time together. They have gone from vague acquaintances who came together only to prevent the end of the world, to friends who sincerely love each other and trust each other, leaving many hopes for the fifth season.

Steve and Eddie

Dustin’s two older friends had surprisingly good chemistry, although they hardly participated in solo scenes together. Unfortunately, after the second volume, fans will never see the trajectory they could follow together.

Although their relationship with each other started quite stormily when they both silently envied the other’s presence in Dustin’s life, they got over it pretty quickly by talking to each other. All of their interactions were extremely helpful and only got better when they had a deep understanding of each other-the Winnebago scene was one such example. One thing is obvious, Dustin’s choice of friends is impeccable.

Steve and Robin

The third season of the series “Very Strange Things” introduced fans to one of the best duets of the show, and their friendship continued in the fourth season. They are literally each other’s support system.

Robin became Steve’s first real friend at his age, who is close to him not only because he is an adult or because he was popular at school. Similarly, Steve became Robin’s first friend who fully understood her and loved her anyway. They are the best thing that has ever happened to each other, and season 4 shows that their dynamics have become better. The trust and love they feel for each other is beautiful, as is their need to see each other happy.

Steve and Dustin

No one was surprised that this season Steve and Dustin still had the chemistry that made them favorites of the show in the second season. Dustin was the beginning of Steve’s hidden plan to conquer the nanny world, but unfortunately for Steve, it reached its peak when he found Dustin.

This season they continue their machinations in the company of a much larger group. However, even when there are more people around, they stand out every time they interact with each other. What started as a couple forced together by circumstances quickly turned into one of the show’s best relationships.

Max and Eleven

After spending only a few minutes on the screen, Max and Eleven became best friends. For some reason, these two characters haven’t spent time together this season, at least in reality.

But when Elle appears in Max’s mind and saves her from Vecna, the latter’s reaction is enough for the audience to want more time for both characters.