Very Strange Things: 10 Reddit Theories about Season 4 Trailers, Volume 2


“Very Strange Things” became a hit for Netflix, and this season scored record numbers for Netflix. For the first time since the show, Netflix has split the season, somewhat testing the weekly release schedule. This step allowed us to watch, reflect and review the first volume of the season while fans are waiting for the second volume.

This waiting period also gave fans time to make predictions about the last two behemoth-sized episodes. Episodes lasting almost 4 hours are sure to be full of high-octane actions and emotional shocks. The trailers for Volume 2 contain a lot of action in short teasers, and Reddit fans predict everything from the deaths of the main characters, turns of events and the creation of a Big Bad in Season 5.

Max will willingly return to the “Mind” of Vekna

When Max was in Vecna’s trance, she somehow found his “lair”. Dustin suggested that she really could get into Vecna’s mind by going further into Creel’s Upside-down House than anyone before. In the teasers, you can see Max again, which prompted the viewer to make this prediction.

As u/Antr0p0l0g0 says, “she knows that Vecna was surprised/uncomfortable due to her presence in the red dimension, Dustin even says that she must have entered Vecna’s own mind… so if, in order to defeat him, she infiltrates him this time with the right plan and her song as a “failsafe,” Max may be the only one who can find Vecna’s home base, and that may be how they defeat him.

Will’s death

Given that the creators and actors warned that no one is safe this season, many viewers predict who might not get out this time. Despite the fact that there are arguments in favor of Will’s importance to the story (given his connection with the Mind Catcher), fans believe that this was done in order for him to succumb to the dangers of the Wrong side.

As user K_M00 states, “so far they’ve been teasing him from previous seasons. Mind catcher, painting, etc. In the end, he has to give Mike the painting and the “confession.” I think he will do it at the time of his death.” or they will find the painting after his death.” Their theory will fill an emotional punch and set the tone for the fifth season.

NINA Battle

Eleven is undergoing intensive memory therapy in NINA’s underground laboratory. In the teasers, it seems that Mike, Jonathan, Argyle and Will finally got to NINA to try to save Eleven. But the military is also heading there.

The teaser shows an explosion in the desert, and u/virgin_abloh69 predicts that they “will see a big battle and a good idea of El’s strength right after the start of the second part.” If intensive memory therapy eventually works, there’s a chance that Eleven may end up remembering some other abilities that haven’t been noticed yet. It would be pretty epic to get a glimpse of them in a big battle if it takes place.

Groups unite in Creel House

As in previous seasons, a large ensemble of characters tends to be divided into groups. Hawkins’ groups were even divided in this reality and Inside Out. It can be assumed that they will reunite, but this fan has a specific scenario that could happen.

The Legobutwithlego user thinks that they will gather on the same site, one group in the Upside Down, and the other in this reality. “After regrouping, I think Dustin’s group (Erica, Lucas, Max and Dustin) and Steve’s group (Steve, Robin, Nancy and Eddie) will come up with a plan to defeat Vecna. The plan will consist of Robin, Nancy, and Steve entering Vecna’s house inside out to kill him. Erica, Lucas, Max and Dustin will also be at Vecna’s House, but in the real world.” Given that they have shown that they are stronger in numbers, it would be reasonable if this were to come to pass.

Time Travel

The plot device of time travel was used for various effects. Sometimes this can cause an unclear situation and lead to poor spelling (which is why many fans didn’t want it to be used in “Very Strange Cases”). Despite this, the user Pretty_Pink_Kiki believes that there are hints that they can bring time travel.

They say, “Maybe they can go back to the time when Upside Down stopped? Maybe get Barb back? Too much attention is paid to this grandfather clock so that it doesn’t play with time.” Now that it has been revealed that the Wrong Side is stuck in the past, the use of time travel has potential.

Mike’s death

Predicting the death of the main character is usually not a viable option, but given that he is entering his final season, it could happen right now. The user Legobutwithlego thinks that “it will be Mike. The premonition in ST is heavy (for example, Watergate occurs when viewing students’ files, and someone says, “Wait, they haven’t been caught.