“Very Strange Things”: 10 memes that perfectly describe Mike as a character


“Very Strange Cases” from Netflix offers a unique look at the complex life of children in a small town, something that at first glance does not seem intriguing, but nevertheless eventful and fascinating. Although the characters’ personalities vary, some are more talkative, brash and bold than others, including Mike Wheeler.

At first glance, many fans thought Mike was a hot-tempered, loud-mouthed child, until the show plunged into the depths so as not to show a kind and true friend. Mike is also known for his humor and sarcasm, which always causes viral memes among fans.

Mike doesn’t follow his own rules

First of all, Mike has proven to be quite hypocritical when it comes to the rules of friendship. In addition to the fact that he often lied, despite the “friends don’t lie” rule of the group, he was quite controversial in that he did not allow Max to join the group of friends at first.

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Knowing that Mike was the friend who convinced the band to let Eleven in and welcome her with open arms, it took fans by surprise when he was so rude to Max, who was new and desperately needed friends to escape her brother’s wrath. , Billy. Fortunately, Mike was able to ignore their differences and accept her, but, of course, the whole situation made the audience scratch their heads.

Reunited, and it’s so good… At least for Mike

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Although opinions about Mike and Eleven’s relationship still differ, it’s always nice to see them reunite. Especially when they hug lovingly at the airport when spring break starts, although Will wasn’t thrilled about the wasted vacation.

The best part of this meme is the ambiguity: fans are wondering if Will’s tears are a symbol of the happy tears of the audience or is it a direct reference to Will’s jealousy and sadness. Fans are stuck between a rock and a hard place, wondering if they should be rooting for Mike and Al or for Will, the loser and the third wheel in the relationship.

Mike and Hopper’s Rivalry… Interesting

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Although everyone knows that Hopper can be difficult to deal with, some fans think that Mike goes too far with him. One would think that Mike would want to impress Hopper and win his favor if he really loved Al, but they had a difficult start, and the situation has not changed since then.

In addition to the fact that these two got off on the wrong foot, Mike deliberately provoked Hopper’s rebellion and even pestered him at times. Fans would really like Mike to be a little easier with Hopper, but viewers believe that their lot in common could be what will connect them someday.

Mike has a way with words … Except with Al

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Fans of the series know that Mike is generally a boy from many cult quotes, however, when it comes time for him to openly express his romantic feelings for Eleven, he strangely restrains himself. Many viewers believe that his tough exterior is a false sense of security, and he may actually be shy of Elle, the only girl he has ever felt anything for.

Although their communication skills have only improved with age, Mike still has something to work on. From compliments to apologies, fans can agree that Eleven was great for him to grow up and put aside his pride.

Mike wants to play D&D with someone other than Will

This meme refers to season 3, when Will and Mike quarreled because they just didn’t have time for each other. With his blossoming relationship with Eleven, it seemed like Mike didn’t have time to play anymore.

However, despite the fact that Will constantly asks to play and the boys refuse, this meme represents the expression on Will’s face when he discovered that Mike, Dustin and Lucas are thinking about joining the D&D club. Maybe he wasn’t going to do it, but Mike doesn’t seem to understand that excluding people can hurt others.

Mike shows love in non-standard ways

Although it’s a constant frustrating plot point that Mike can’t say “I love you” to Eleven, fans know that deep down he really only cares about his actions. Fans understand Elle’s point of view, however, it is quite clear how much Mike loves her, by the way he constantly brags about her and brings her up with his friends.

There’s no denying that Mike could have expressed his feelings better by using more words of encouragement, but even fans agree that most of his efforts go unnoticed. Nevertheless, viewers have no doubt that Mike will inevitably grow up and grow up to be frank and honest with Al.